Four years after the Sons of Anarchy finale, show creator Kurt Sutter is back with the Mayans MC spinoff. Centered around Marcus Alvarez’s Mexican motorcycle gang that was featured heavily in the original FX drama, the new series will follow EZ Reyes (played by actor JD Pardo) as a fresh-out-of-prison prospect hoping to join the outlaw crew. 

While the storyline and (some of the) characters might seem familiar, Kurt made it very clear that Mayans MC will not intersect with any of the SOA bikers — yet. “Right now, there is no intersecting stories. But Sons is a big world,” he said during Comic Con 2018. “We’ll see those points of intersection this season and throughout the series as well.”

He continued, “I want to acknowledge that world and find opportunities to circle that, but I don’t want to abuse it.” 

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