If you’ve ever worked freelance — even for a day — you know exactly how cheap clients can be. They’ll try to stiff you for the most trivial things, to the point where it’s almost like they don’t realize you need to pay your rent and eat food in order to be able to produce good work. For them

And if, God forbid, your career relates to art in any way — whether you’re an illustrator, painter, graphic designer, or writer, even — well then, you’ve really got the worst end of the stick. I’m not sure if people think that all artists are rich and don’t have anything better to do with their time than make free designs and logos for clients, but that’s certainly how it’s come to seem.

It’s a really gross practice that has metastasized over the past few years with freelancing becoming more commonplace as a part of the rise of the gig economy. It’s become such an issue that New York City had to put a “Freelance Isn’t Free” law on the books last year to protect independent contractors. 

Getting financially cheated after putting in time and labor isn’t funny, but when there’s nothing concrete you can do to help your cause, laughter can be the best medicine. 

Below are some of the most miserly cheapskates everyone needs to avoid at all costs. And we’re sure the freelancers among us can relate.

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