Our newest obsession is officially Pretty Little Mamas. The latest reality show from MTV follows the lives of five glam (and super young) moms living in San Diego as they raise their adorable kids. 

A combination of Real Housewives and Teen Mom, the series will star Nicole, 24, and her girl squad of BFFs — Alyssa, 25, Cheyenne, 24, Nikki, 24, and Chandlar, 25 — as they balance relationships (expect some cute baby daddies) and motherhood. However, it’s no surprise viewers are already skeptical of the series. It is MTV, after all. 

“Not sure how I feel about the new MTV show Pretty Little Mamas. By the previews it’s like they are trying to turn real life drama queens into the Pretty Little Liars but with babies and no A,” one soon-to-be fan tweeted. Another added, “Pretty Little Mamas sounds like a a fake reality show SNL would use for a skit.” 

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