Buying furniture at IKEA seems like a good idea until you are surrounded by thousands of small parts and a crumbled up instruction manual.

It all pays off when you finally put together your new coffee table or bookshelf (one leftover nail isn’t that bad right?). However, if you’re the lucky owner and assembler of an IKEA Lövbacken side table — it’s your lucky day. According to antiques experts, the $60 table could be worth thousands in the future. 

In a blog post for the auction firm Barneby’s, co-founder Pontus Silfverstolpe predicts the medium-brown table may sell at auction for £1,000 and £1,800 by 2030, and as much as £5,000 by 2040. “Selling for thousands at some of Sweden’s leading auction houses, the LÖVBACKEN has become a collectible for the most discerning of furniture experts, I wouldn’t be surprised if the development in its value would look like this in the future,” he wrote, citing the original piece, which was launched by the Swedish furniture company in 1953. 

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