Dorming in the U.S. usually sucks, especially when you’re a freshman. From dorm lotteries at over-enrolled schools that leave students to the mercy of a system that decides whether they’ll live in an actual building or a trailer, to the ridiculously high-costs and cramped living spaces, I don’t know why anyone would opt for not just renting out an apartment near their university, if it’s available.

Again, I say usually here, there are some areas where university housing is comparatively cheap and much more convenient, especially if you’re taking classes across a huge, sprawling campus. But if you’re going to school in a congested area where real estate is a pricey commodity, then you can only imagine the kind of dorms you’ll be forced to live in.

And even though everyone pretty much knows that freshmen are supposed to deal with sloppy seconds and less-than-ideal living situations, these thrown-together dorms at Purdue University are still upsetting a lot of people online.

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