There’s a Third ‘Property Brother’ and He’s Cooler Than Jonathan and Drew Scott, TBH

Surprise! If you love Property Brothers stars Jonathan and Drew Scott, you’re in for a treat. The HGTV hosts actually have an older brother named J.D. Scott— and TBH, the third honorary Property Brother is actually the coolest of the trio. Despite not being included in their popular home renovation reality show, J.D. (real name: James Daniel) is actually a HGTV host himself.  

And the brothers are really close — constantly sharing selfies and throwback photos on Instagram. “Ever wish life could be this simple again? Just 3 brothers on a couch watching tv,” J.D.captioned an adorable childhood pic with his bros. “This actually feels like a moment from The Office.” Jonathan and Drew recently revealed why they “hid” their older brother from fans. “He’s the good-looking brother, so we had to keep him out of sight,” Jonathan told ET before Drew jokingly added, “Much like Harry Potter, we kept J.D. under the stairs [as] we didn’t want him to overshadow us.” 

However, that sibling rivalry has always benefitted the brothers, at least according to their mom, Joanne Scott. “There was always sibling rivalry but they build each other up, not tear each other down,” she told People magazine. So, what else do you need to know about J.D.? Keep scrolling below to find out!

J.D. was once an Adam Lambert impersonator!

Once upon a time, J.D. performed in Las Vegas as an Adam Lambert impersonator. He reminisced about his time portraying the American Idol winner on social media, captioning a photo in costume, “I had a number of different jobs over the years. In this one I was an @adamlambert impersonator at the Imperial Palace with @caesarsentertainment. That’s my mom dropping in to see the show.” 

He is also a travel and tech enthusiast, a radio personality, and a host on the Great American Country television network. You can currently catch him with Jonathan and Drew on HGTV’s Brother vs. Brother

He’s not single.

Sorry, ladies. J.D. is not on the market. He recently celebrated his third anniversary with girlfriend Annalee Belle. The couple is known for their creative photo shoots together — where Annalee shows off her impressive makeup skills. “Thank you so much to my wonderful friends for always being there. For the laughter and wiping the tears,” he recently gushed on Instagram. 


He’s the twins’ “secret weapon.” 

Just like Jonathan and Drew, J.D. knows his way around power tools — and has been known to step in to help out with home design projects. According to his HGTV bio, J.D. has worked in the renovation and construction industries for 20 years. 

He gives back. 

Along with his long list of on-screen jobs, J.D., along with his brothers, is also a global ambassador for World Vision. The trio traveled to India in 2013 to spread awareness, and J.D. opened up about the experience on social media. “I think it is important to remember that humanitarian type trips are not all about the horror, but rather the hope and triumph over adversity,” he wrote. “And maybe there can even be some silliness along the way.” They also host an annual Producers Ball to raise funds for the organization.

J.D. is the ultimate best man.  

While he shared duties with brother Jonathan at Drew’s wedding earlier this year, he definitely knew how to rock a kilt at the nuptials. “I want both my brothers to be there. They’re equally amazing,” Drew explained of his decision to have two best men. 

This “property brother” needs his own show, ASAP.

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