If you were like pretty much everyone in the world, you were probably let down by the fact that Croatia didn’t have their storybook ending in taking home first place in the 2018 World Cup. Sure, France had an amazing team and all that, and the contest’s youngest MVP player, Mbappé, even donated all of his winnings from the tournament to charity—so I guess it’s hard to be too upset with the competition’s end result.

And even though everyone played their hearts out (except Egypt, I mean, they went again Saudi Arabia and the results were just embarrassing), there was a clear winner this World Cup and it actually wasn’t even any of the teams. S

ure there’s a first, second, and third place result, but all of those accomplishments pale in comparison to the wonderful memes that sprung up as a result of this glorious tournament.

More than a few were thanks to Brazil’s Neymar.


Even if you’re not a fan of soccer, you probably saw the infamous Neymar roll.

Honestly, there doesn’t need to be much parody for whatever’s going on in the first part of this GIF to be perfectly honest.


But that didn’t stop people from going after the Brazilian star, roasting at him for his overly dramatic responses to being “hurt.”

Whether he’s traveling the world…


Or instructing people on proper fire safety protocols, Neymar Jr. has got our backs.

The roasting of his histrionics didn’t stop there.


Imagine if Neymar acted the way he does on the field in real life?

Dude would never get to play a single game.


Someone actually went and turned his roll into a font.

That’s how much this man was gesticulating and flailing about on the field.


Other sports got in on roasting him, too.


As well as children, who apparently find his excessive diving hilarious.


It was so bad, it became an entire internet challenge that everyone was getting in on.

Neymar Jr.’s theatrics were probably the highlight of the World Cup, but there were some other quality memes out there too.


Many football fans were both stunned and delighted to see Croatia make it to the final. Which made what happened to Nikola Kalinic the ultimate poetic justice.


Kalinic’s history of “diva-ism” came back to bite him in the behind. Instead of being a part of a team that made history, his refusal to play got him sent home, where he was able to watch his fellow countrymen and teammates shock the world and play the final against France.


Some people also made a pretty good point about the demographics of France’s national team.


This cartoon pretty much sums it up nicely.

Enough of the politi-talk. One of the biggest stories of the World Cup was England’s much-better-than-expected performance in the games. Making it all the way to the semi-finals and losing in a super close game to Croatia, England’s early performances inspired a devoted hope in the British fan base.


“It’s Coming Home” became the rallying cry for English fans. So much so that the team’s coach, Southgate, even got this charming suit to rep that sentiment.


Things were looking good for the English national club…


But soon, “It’s coming Home” turned into “They’re going home.”


Thanks to Croatia’s brilliant performance in the semi finals.


Sure, the memes are a bit ruthless…


But hey, it’s all in good fun, fans are just taking the piss.


An English center-back Harry Maguire had this awesome photo snapped of him casually talking to a fan, resulting in this World Cup sub-meme.


The savings he must get from this trick are probably astounding.


OK, just two more Neymar ones real quick.


Another big upset was Spain’s loss to Russia in Penalty kicks.

Talent-wise, Spain was supposed to be the most jam-packed out of any other team in the World Cup, which is why it was surprising they didn’t make it to the semi-finals.


Argentina football legend Diego Maradona watched his country’s team struggle through the World Cup.


Let’s just say that he got a little too into it.


Which had many people thinking it wasn’t him, but the Argentinian marching powder he managed to score in Russia.


Some moments didn’t even need to be meme’d – just pointed out.


Back to Argentina for a second – did you see the team’s coach?


Some people thought he was moonlighting as a reality TV star on a popular show…


During the World Cup final game, a few fans went onto the field (fully clothed), but people noticed that they weren’t heard from after that.


And people have some ideas why.


There was also a lot of talk about France’s VAR-assisted penalty “gift” and the early goal Griezmann scored in the final match.

There were a lot of people who thought to refs were a bit too kind to the French side.


And it was sad to see Croatia not win the match.


But at least Jack-Jack had his moment at the games.

It’s OK, Jack-Jack, your country did a wonderful job. And none of them even rolled 200 consecutive yards in an attempt to draw a penalty.

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