A Quiet Place isn’t the kind of movie you want to watch if you have kids or generally feel bad for children whenever they’re in danger of being eaten by monsters. Sure, the monsters may look super lame and there are tons of gaps in the movie’s logic (why didn’t the military just lure all them to a huge stadium with speakers of human sounds to drown out noises elsewhere?), but that doesn’t mean it isn’t darn suspenseful like, the entire time. The film’s so quiet and tense that you are conscious of your breathing during it.

Those aren’t really spoilers, so if you haven’t seen the movie, don’t hate me. And if you haven’t seen it and you call yourself a horror fan, then get on it. Trouble is, you won’t find A Quiet Place on Netflix, and it’s not like you’re going to go out to rent a movie because what are you, a savage?


You could wait for the money to fall on your streaming service of choice and it’s hard to imagine that it won’t very soon, especially with glowing reviews from horror masters like Stephen King.

Something John Krasinski very much appreciated, by the way.

Until the movie does pop up online, you’re just going to have to make do with some other amazing horror selections. Luckily for you, Netflix is packed with some pretty great choices.

Cargo (2018)


Cargo features Martin Freeman, who’s always awesome, in a post-apocalyptic Australia overrun with zombies. The film centers around him trying to get his infant daughter to safety, which heightens the scares by raising the stakes, similarly to A Quiet Place.

Hush (2016)


Hush uses silence as a plot device, it follows the scary struggle between a deaf writer and a masked killer who enters her home thinking he’s found an easy target. That turns out to not be the case. 5 masked killers out of 5 masked killers for this one.

Let Me In (2010)


If you’re looking for unconventional horror films, Let Me In is a movie that’ll tickle your fancy. Starring a young Chloë Grace Moretz as a little vampire who befriends a young boy and helps him get back at bullies, the movie explores how their relationship is tested after her real identity gets out. It’s a uniquely paced film that doesn’t feel formulaic or like anything else you may have watched.

It Follows (2015)


It Follows and A Quiet Place share something in common: a lethal, monstrous force that seems like an impossibly hopeless foe to understand, let alone face. The movie’s set in an interesting, alternate-timeline Detroit. It also has an undeniably cool, retro aesthetic going for it and dreamy visuals akin to something you’d see in Drive. It also has an absolutely terrifying premise: A death curse is passed down from person to person after you sleep with them. Sucks, right?

The Babadook (2014)


The Babadook works on multiple levels: the first is a straight-up scare film. Tense atmosphere is created in many scenes and when we catch glimpses of the Babadook monster, it’s truly horrifying. It also works on a deeply psychological level in that the Babadook is actually a physical manifestation of a woman’s mental illness after being forced to single-handedly raise an autistic child after her husband’s passed away. It’s a terrifyingly beautiful film with a great message. Multiple watches will reveal things you missed the first and second time around. Definitely one of the best Australian horror films to come out in recent history, it’s a unique addition to the horror genre in general.

The Descent (2005)


If the monsters in A Quiet Place pique your interest, then a film like The Descent will be right up your alley. A group of hobbyist cave spelunkers decide to go too deep into the earth, to the point where they can’t find their way back. Inside are bat creatures that hate the light, but can hear everything you do in the dark. Watch this movie completely alone in the dark for the full effect.

The Road (2009)


The Road isn’t a horror film per se, but it’s based off a Cormac McCarthy novel that contains one of the most horrifying scenes in all of literature, and the film does the sequence justice (and thankfully leaves stuff out) when translating it from the page to the silver screen. The movie is set in a post-apocalyptic world, like A Quiet Place, but somehow manages to make it infinitely more bleak. Like, hopelessly bleak.

Black Mirror (2017)


All right, this isn’t a movie, but Black Mirror is the closest thing to a modern-day Twilight Zone and it regularly delivers when it comes to creepiness. It has a totally different vibe than A Quiet Place, but Black Mirror has some instantly classic episodes (check out “Nosedive,” “Fifteen Million Merits,” “Playtest,” “San Junipero,” and the insane first episode, “The National Anthem”). To be honest, most of these episodes are really good, so you can’t go wrong.

Netflix might not always have the best recommendations when it comes to related titles, but if you haven’t seen these 8 films, they’re a good place to start while you wait for the streaming platform to add A Quiet Place to its roster. In fact, does anyone have John Krasinski’s number? Give him a call let’s make this thing happen.

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