At 20 years old, I was finally getting my braces taken off and changing college majors. Kylie Jenner, at 20, became pregnant with Travis Scott, delivered baby Stormi, and became a billionaire.

I was worrying about whether or not I’d be able to afford gas for my ’97 Ford Taurus when prices skyrocketed to over $4 a gallon. Meanwhile, Jenner is getting written up in Forbes magazine.

The social-media, famous-for-being-famous juggernaut managed to leverage her glammed-out plastic surgery #goals and Kardashian legacy to build a wildly successful cosmetics business worth a whopping $900 million fortune.

And she did it all in less than 3 years. That’s some serious money management from someone so young. 

The financial magazine was so impressed with Kylie’s success in business that they listed her as number 27 in a profile on “America’s Women Billionaires,” where they covered America’s Richest Self-Made women.

They made it a point to call Kylie’s success “self-made” and said that she’s on track to become the youngest woman to ever become a billionaire.

But some people are having a hard time swallowing the “self-made” portion of that headline.

There’s a saying that a friend of mine uses for people who believe they are self-made but forget that their life of privilege and the family they were born into played a huge part in their success. It’s that they were born on third-base but believe they worked just as hard to make it to home as the person who fought to get up to bat in the first place.

I’d imagine that that’s why a lot of people are having some difficulty accepting the claim that Jenner is a “self-made” billionaire.

But there are some Twitter users who think that’s salty response was uncalled for and just an instance of jealous pettiness that diminishes the success of the young cosmetics mogul.

They think that those “hating” on Jenner should take a page out of her book and become a “self-made billionaire” just like her.

But there were others who pointed out that Jenner had obvious advantages not afforded to everyone else, and there are plenty.

To show just how astronomical Jenner’s success is, someone pointed out some other notably wealthy women in the US.

That’s right, Kylie Jenner has more than doubled Beyonce’s net worth and has surpassed her older sister Kim, who was largely responsible for the family’s super stardom.

Her success has flabbergasted many people online.

Some tried to break down just how Jenner and the Kardashian sisters secured their fortunes.

While others were less concerned with how the sisters made their money and more concerned with how to secure some for themselves:

Must be nice to be a self-made billionaire.

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