If you are a mother (or if you happen to know one), you realize that they can be pulled in so many different directions at one time. Life is full of distractions and messes that come in the form of sticky hands, spilled milk and plenty of laundry. It seems as if you just start to get a handle on things when all the sudden, there is a fresh pile waiting for you.

Many mothers find it difficult to squeeze in the niceties of life while at the same time, attempting to keep up with everything that is going on around them. They often tell jokes about it, such as stepping on Legos or perhaps drawings on the wall but in the background, they are often quite frustrated over the situation.

Heather Duckworth is a mother who also has similar feelings. She also wants to give a reminder to mothers around the world that they shouldn’t become so self-absorbed or busy with everything that is taking place around them that they forget to enjoy the small things in life that may exist in the very messes that frustrate them.

This is a story that Heather shared on Facebook. It is entitled “The Blue Stain” and it has gone viral worldwide. When you read it for yourself, you will understand why it is so popular.

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