While we all know that each of us is going to die one day, that does not remove the sting once we lose a loved one. This is especially true when they pass away because of causes that are seemingly avoidable. Crissy was forced to bury her husband after 25 years of marriage and the reason was heartbreaking. He passed away because of complications from a tick bite.

Crissy is now sharing her story in hopes of assisting other women who find themselves in similar predicaments. She has spoken eloquently about the sadness that she feels when she realizes that her teenage son is not going to have someone to teach him about the birds and bees or even how to drive. Her husband was a man who was all about helping his family.

Now that he is gone, the family feels lost and alone. To make matters even worse, Crissy’s husband had been working tirelessly to get himself into better shape at the time when he passed. Over the course of their marriage, he hardly ever even got sick. Once he started to run a fever after the tick bite took place, Crissy knew that something had to be wrong. She took him to the emergency room immediately.

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