The media spends a lot of time judging the appearance of aging actresses, from pointing out their botched plastic surgery to tearing down the ones who have the audacity to not look 25 when they’re 45. 

However, one thing everyone likes to conveniently ignore are male actors, which is hilarious because they change with age too, and not always “like fine wine.” In fact, you may not have noticed, but many male stars’ heads start growing as they get older, taking on an expanded, bloated look. It’s a condition I like to call “bigger head syndrome,” and it usually hits actors when they’re in their late ’30s. 

I’m not the only one to notice this. Celebrities’ gigantic heads are something that has perplexed people for years. According to the “big head theory,” the Hollywood rule of thumb is that “the bigger the head, the bigger the star.” In other words, if you have a bowling ball for a head, you’re more likely to be leading man material. Unfortunately, once those bobblehead actors reach a certain age, their already-massive craniums swell to epically huge proportions. And once you start to notice it, you can’t ever unsee it. 

Below, a few examples of what I’m talking about (you’ve been warned).

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