When This Community’s New Volunteer Ambulance Was Vandalized, They Stood Up In A Big Way

Which makes it awfully incredible whenever somebody goes out and does something amazing.

Senseless acts of kindness are heartwarming and beautiful, and I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that humans have an equal capacity for senselessly mean and awful acts that don’t benefit anyone – they just ruin something nice for no reason.

Like some random dirtbags who thought it would be a good idea to tag a brand new volunteer ambulance’s whip with graffiti.


The Queensland Ambulance service in Australia does honest-to-goodness wholesome work in providing people emergency medical services and transportation.

Many people just couldn’t believe there was someone who was enough of a scumbag to do something so classless. 

Some came up with some pretty creative punishments for the crime.

The vandalism left the QAS stunned, so they reached out on Facebook to anyone with information on who was behind the spray painting.

What they got in return was an outpouring of support from people on Facebook.

Many of them offered to volunteer their time to help clean the vehicle themselves.


Facebook users even started offering up their own solutions for clearing up spray paint.


QAS was floored by the response of Carissa and all of the other good samaritans who saw their social media post and responded to it.

They had their own cleaning service take care of it, but it doesn’t mean that they didn’t appreciate the gesture.

QAS’ spokesman, Michael August thanked everyone for their kind words and offers to help clean the vehicle:


The Queensland Ambulance family, especially our staff at Woodridge, would just like to say a heartfelt thanks to literally thousands of people that made contact to offer their personal help or services to clean our vehicle following the vandalism of our vehicle yesterday. From Mums, Dads, entire families, and local businesses around the area your comments, offers of support and general appreciation of what we do for the community has been simply overwhelming. For that we are truly grateful. To the local member for Woodridge Cameron Dick https://www.facebook.com/Labor4Woodridge/…/2171629376390059/ who visited the staff to chat and offer his concern we thank you. Let’s hope the perpetrator of this senseless act learns and comes to realise behaviour such as this is totally unacceptable. Most importantly, our twin stretcher unit was back on the road sparkling clean at 6 this morning serving the wonderful community.

They showed off the squeaky-clean truck in their Facebook post. Now it’s back on the road, saving people’s lives again. Without all of that nasty graffiti.

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