Sunday was Father’s Day, and people celebrated, commiserated, and mourned. Let’s face it, holidays celebrating family can be complicated. There are lots of different kinds of dads out there. If you’re lucky you get a good one, like Ryan Reynolds:

I’m sorry, did I say good? I meant painfully sarcastic with a huge Twitter following.

It is nice that Reynolds “keeps it real” on social media about the joys and pains of fatherhood. Even the best dads have to have some fun once in awhile, by owning their children on Twitter:

Reynolds knows people look forward to his fatherly perspective, and he ramped up the jokes up on his special day:

He also celebrated his own dad (I assume), in another jokey tweet:

It’s honestly a slight improvement over last year:

But not one to miss a promotional opportunity, Reynolds set up a fun Father’s Day surprise to sell more of his gin brand, Aviation American Gin, offering an email to the masses that sends back a very funny away message.

When you email the address, you get an automatic response about both gin and fathers that feels very appropriate to Ryan Reynolds:

“Thanks for your email. As the owner of Aviation American Gin, I take all emails seriously. Especially ones with pictures. This is only my 2nd OUT OF OFFICE REPLY. From what I’m told, it should be short, sweet and NEVER overly personal or emotional,” it starts, then continues to relate the sweet, sweet taste of gin to the love of a father. As one should.

“Owning a gin company has been one of the great privileges of my life. And while it won’t quite make up for the nonexistent relationship I had with my father, it always warms my heart to see others celebrating paternal relationships which have been built on trust, warmth, and totally natural amounts of eye contact. That’s why this Father’s Day is the perfect time to give your dad the best: Aviation American Gin.”

“While my own father may be long gone, the unspoken tension we shared is alive and well. But let me tell ya, if I could turn back time, I wouldn’t be pouring Aviation Gin over his grave in the middle of the night. No sir…I’d be sittin’ across from him, clinking glasses and having an effervescent giggle about the fact I now own the finest Gin company on planet earth. He might say stuff like, ‘Hey, this Gin is pretty damn good’ and ‘Boy howdy, that’s a gorgeous looking bottle’ or, ‘I’ve never mentioned this before, but…you’re enough.”

“This Father’s Day, you may not be able to give Dad a second chance, but you CAN get him a bottle Aviation American Gin. Or, if he died before either of you could even begin to comprehend the importance of closure, just get yourself a bottle.

Happy Father’s Day,

Ryan Reynolds.”

Reynolds’ dad passed away a few years ago:

So, this may be his way of dealing with that sense of loss—a sense of humor. Also, gin.

If Ryan Reynolds is our Twitter king, Chrissy Teigen is our queen. She recently had her second child with John Legend, and has been wonderfully honest about what a dream/nightmare that has been.

On Father’s Day, she sent several loving messages to her husband:

And herself, as she deserves:

But for once, John Legend topped his wife on social media, and shared a post about his wife that seems like it was ghost written by her:

Legend shared a pic of Teigen using a breast pump in the car, captioning it, “I know it’s Father’s Day and all but my wife is pretty awesome. She’s taking me to dinner but still on mommy duty.”

My kings and queen! You all almost make being a parent seem more fun than making movies.

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