The holding someone’s hand as they take a picture of you heading off into the unknown is a bit of a cliche. It’s also still cute, so I get why people do it, especially couples. You’re going through life with your partner, striking off on adventures, always hand in hand. It’s romantic! Or it is until someone destroys it.

YouTube star Jack Douglass recently married his wife, Erin, and naturally, he decided to share some a photo exactly as described above with the Internet. But he added a twist: he asked his followers to Photoshop Erin running into God knows what, even providing a .png to make it that much easier.

This is how the photo actually looks, and to be honest, it already seems too perfect to be real.


Anyway, you know what happens when you give the Internet an easy Photoshop opportunity.

Someone will splinter your reality:

Even though our actual reality is disturbing enough:

So bad, in fact, that this looks comparatively positive:

Even the Emoji movie is better, though not a great honeymoon:

Some people got very carried away by the project:

Though others were more honest about their limitations:

Some of the new honeymoon destinations were nice, though very specific:

But most were kind of a hellscape. A Jake Paul event? Grounds for divorce.

Which someone else pushed them towards immediately:


There were also zombies:

And a trip to the International House of Burgers:

Where would you drag your new husband to? I think I’d go to IHOb, because I am really curious about how things are going over there.

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