Everyone meets on dating apps nowadays, because that’s supposedly the most efficient route to finding a fellow singleton. But anyone who has sat down with Tinder, Bumble, or even OkCupid knows that it’s actually a lot of work to swipe through all the people you would never date in a million years. If you’ve felt discouraged by how few folks you want to connect with on these apps designed to connect, you’re not alone. Well, you are, that’s why you’re on them, but you’re not the only person having that same experience.

Writer Alanna Bennett asked her followers what they swipe left on when they’re on a dating app. Swiping left is a rejection pretty much across the board on apps. Bennett says she has a few immediate deal breakers: anyone holding a weapon in a photo, and anyone who might make her hike. Seems fair.

I actually relate to the weapons one, but I appreciate somebody who leaves the house even if I never plan to camp anywhere with them. Different strokes for different folks.

But certain things seem to be universal:

And other things that turn you on in someone’s profile might be a hard pass for someone else:

However, some stuff is extremely popular rejection material: tiger pics, anything to do with that Game of Thrones throne (you know what they’re talking about), and shirtless pics. 

You want to know my dark secret? I like shirtless pics. Shows me what I’m getting.

Sometimes all it takes to get yourself rejected is a few words in the bio:

No one believes you really love adventure. If you did you’d go talk to someone in a bar.

The conversation was so compelling, people started sharing their own bios for review. Who knows if they’re getting rejected for small things they don’t realize are red flags, too?

 It’s a fun look at what your up against, if you’re a lady. It seems to be mostly ladies who are brave enough to expose their bios on Twitter, so let that be a lesson to all the adventuring men out there:

Though apparently women claim to be adventurers as well:

We’re all basic as hell!

So, we know what makes people swipe left, how do we get them to freaking swipe right?

Dogs and shirtless pics (hellloooooo).

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