Desperate people are capable of anything. Like when you’re so hungry that you try and convince yourself a highway rest stop cheeseburger at 2 a.m. is a good idea. (It’s not.) 

But when you’re in that delicate emotional state, thinking logically isn’t really your forte. In fact, you perform all sorts of mental gymnastics to justify going to the craziest lengths to extricate yourself from said desperation.

Which is probably why this guy thought it’d be a good idea to skip out on a hotel bill by trying to shimmy across telephone wires that connected two buildings.

Unsurprisingly, the man got stuck and was suspended in the air, some 19 stories from the ground. He finally gave up trying to shimmy across the wires until firefighters came to his aid…only to hand him over to the police.

Some YouTube commenters had suggestions for the guy to monetize his insanity.

 He should wear a GoPro and start to earn some money on YouTube 


China Daily noted that the fall wasn’t the only thing the man should’ve been afraid of, but that he was dangling dangerously close to some live power lines. One touch of those bad boys and he would’ve ended up seriously injured. 

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