Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively have the perfect relationship. They manage to be loving parents, successful actors, and still find time for their marriage. How do they fit it all in? By confining their squabbles to social media.

The two are always teasing each other on Instagram and Twitter, to fans delight. Probably also to the delight of their enemies, if they take even half of these public spats seriously. Whether it’s saying they need time alone, or implying infidelity, these two seem to always be on the same wavelength.

They’re also great at drawing attention to advertising opportunities. Ryan Reynolds has bought into a product called Aviation Gin, and to promote it, he sat down with his “twin” Gordon, for an interview. Obviously, Gordon is played by Reynolds.

Gordon is mean as anything, because Reynolds loves roasting everyone, including himself.

“It’s nice to see you again,” says Gordon in the clip. “It’s like looking in a mirror, five years from now.”

“It’s nice to see you Gordon. We’re off to a good start,” Ryan replies. It actually gets meaner from there!

I don’t know if that promo will make me drink Aviation Gin, but I wasn’t even aware of it until Blake Lively arrive don the scene, commenting on the post as captured by Instagram account Comments By Celebs.

“Sh*t. Your brother is hot. I’ve made a terrible mistake…” Lively wrote.

Reynolds responded, “You haven’t made a mistake. You’ve been living with him for over a year.”

Secret brother and secret lover. Surprise, Blake Lively.

This is the second time in recent weeks that the two have playfully sparred online, while also conveniently bringing attention to a promotional opportunity. In late May, Lively shared a trailer for her new movie, A Simple Favor, and Reynolds commented on it, saying Lively could spoil the movie for him, essentially:

She responded by suggesting she actually has a whole horde of secrets he doesn’t even want to know.

I may go see A Simple Favor while drunk on Aviation Gin, and then cry during the credits because I don’t have a marriage like Lively and Reynolds. That’s what guerilla advertising does to people.

Their adorable antics aren’t selling everyone, according to the comments:

Hmm, excellent point. But for many others, these two are still the definition of “couple goals.”

But my favorite comment is probably from this person who rightly points out that Lively would be lucky to have two Ryan Reynolds. One for the morning, and one for the night.

Though if Blake Lively had two husbands, she’d have no time on her hands to do anything but roast them both, all day long:

And she’d be dealing with twice as much of this:

But it seems to keep them happy!

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