If there’s one thing that kids train from an early age it’s their enthusiasm. It’s probably my favorite part about being a parent.

While lots of adults will dumb down things with other adults and try their darndest to turn events into “no big deal” affairs, kids get excited about the smallest things, and I love trying to foster that sense of happiness over little things.

Whether it’s something as simple as sitting down and having lunch together or playing with building blocks, my toddler always has this insane enthusiasm and then I do my best to feed into it until we’re both positively giddy.

Which is why it warms my heart to see this little girl get a package of ramen noodles for Christmas.

Now that might sound like a terrible Christmas gift for any kid, but seeing this child all dolled up with plenty of other presents under the tree, and to see her still happy about some instant noodles, is just too cute.

The girl’s mother, Raenn Perez posted a video of her daughter’s reaction along with a caption that explains the reasoning behind the humble and odd Christmas gift.

Making sure she stays grateful for everything she has. Lol Love her happy heart

The kid really wanted to try the noodles. Even after she changed out of her Christmas clothes, she returned with the bag of ramen asking her mom to get up and help her make the food.

People loved her young daughter’s reaction.

While others thought that she shouldn’t be in such a hurry to eat the instant noodles.

And of course, it spawned a bunch of appropriate meme and joke responses.

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