Reddit’s real life stories may be the best part about it, but especially the subreddit r/relationships. It’s like reading all the best drama and gossip about people you’ve never met and never will meet—like a little TV mini-series. Some of these stories are even haunting, as Twitter user @chaeronaea shared after she couldn’t stop thinking about one woman’s story of the most hideous engagement ring you can imagination.

First, @chaeronaea joked that she couldn’t stop thinking about what is ominously known as the “Ugly Engagement Ring thread.”

But then she shared screengrabs of the actual thread, which the user has since deleted. It included pictures.

Basically, the original poster wrote that her boyfriend of five years proposed very romantically to her and it was wonderful and perfect. Until she saw the ring.

It seemed to her that he had not consulted her actual jewelry collection, her friends, her family, or even looked at anything related to jewelry before picking something out. She describes it as shaped like a heart and made from dark amber—amber is actually a difficult stone to wear everyday, because it’s fairly soft and wears down. Diamonds are pretty ridiculous, but they’re very hard, and won’t get dinged by every day use. The OP wasn’t sure how to talk to her fiancé about any of this without hurting his feelings and was looking for advice. Was she being shallow?

Some readers thought maybe (the post’s comments still exist, if not her original words), until they actually saw a picture of the thing:

Wow. Okay. 

Basically everyone agrees this is the ugliest thing they’ve ever seen:

It’s also totally true that everyone was editing their comments after seeing this cursed object:

Based on the comments from the OP’s Reddit thread, she did eventually talk to her fiancé and work it out with him:

There’s also some good advice for anyone who wants to pick out an engagement ring with an alternative to diamonds:

The lesson is, if you’re freaked out about picking an engagement ring, ask for help. No one wants a Panic Ring.

In fact, just check in about everything.

Love is wonderful and it shouldn’t matter what your ring looks like.

But it definitely, definitely does.

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