We all had different things we struggled with as kids. Reading, writing, math, maybe basic shapes if you’re Sal Perez, who just went viral for exposing his childhood misconceptions to the world on Twitter. Perez posted images he claims are from pre-school, that show him struggling to name all his favorite symbols and struggling pretty hard.

I don’t know why. They’re all there: the chriego, the dimn, the sdr:

And of course, the sgr, the srko, and the ritigo. Very recognizable shapes, all of them.

Perez’s pre-school self is extremely funny, but not everyone “gets” it:

Though a lot of people did instantly:

And he’s definitely not alone. I mean, we’re in school to learn!

And some folks need to learn more than others.

But then some actual educators jumped in to say this is actually…. good.

Let’s give it up for this little guy:

He was doing his very best, and that was pretty gr8.

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