Pets are our loving companions, who bring us so much joy and happiness. They’re also always trying to scam us for treats. Dogs will do anything for a bite of bacon or a crunchy bone. Trust no dog!

These are the cheese pups, Bleu and Colby, and you can tell from their naughty faces that they are up to no good:

Though they do a good job of tricking humans into letting down their defenses with requests for belly rubs and doggy smiles:

But inevitably, something goes down and they go to a doggo time-out in the crate:

Don’t be too sad for them, they’ve been crate-trained. It feels like their own little cave. A cave that is, sadly, without cheese.

The cheese pups have discovered a new weapon in their arsenal of snack manipulation. That’s a toddler named Chloe, according to Bored Panda:

Bleu and Colby have realized that Chloe is one human they can still snag treats from. She’s one of them now.

But things escalated from the simple treat-dropping from the high chair. According to Nina and Chris, Chloe’s parents, she’s recently gotten tall enough to reach into their food bin and drop kibble on the floor. This has made her even more of a celebrity with her dog siblings.

One morning recently, Nina was pretty surprised to find Chloe wandering the hallway, because she isn’t quite big enough to open her bedroom door yet. 

So they checked the tapes:

The dogs know how to operate a door handle, and they decided that it was time to be fed. You can see on the baby monitor that they run in, kiss Chloe awake and then repeatedly urge her to come play with them. And feed them while she’s at it.

“When 6 am rolls around and they haven’t been fed yet, they definitely go looking,” Chris told BP. “They definitely know exactly what they are doing, and Chloe feeds them on purpose.”

They better do something about this as soon as possible, otherwise that baby will never sleep past six in the morning again! Once animals figure out how to get you to feed them, it’s over.

And these dogs LOVE food. In fact, that’s how they got famous. Bleu and Colby originally went viral with a time lapse video of their desperate dash to dinner:

Can you stand between these dogs and their kibble? No. Especially now that they have a baby on their side.

These three will take over the world.

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