Cat lovers know what gifts from above their furry jerks are. It’s hard to be too sad when you have an animal rubbing its head on your ankles and then biting them. My cat always cheers me up, or at the very least, makes me get out of bed to feed them—and once you’re out of bed, you might as well continue on with the day!

Twitter user Paris Zarcilla was having a rough day when he suddenly received an incredibly generous gift from the universe. He’d been intending to go out, and went to his room to find a sweater. Instead he found a reason to celebrate forever.

Underneath his bed was a cat he’d never met before, and she’d just given birth to the most adorable kittens Zarcilla had ever seen in his life:

Can you imagine? What a miracle. 

Zarcilla was completely blown away by this unexpected turn of events:

He obviously had to turn his life around immediately:

Thankfully, Zarcilla live-tweeted the transcendent experience, and we all got to see these magnificent creatures:

The transformation into a certified Cat Dad was basically instantaneous. Zarcilla gave up all his usual worldly pleasures for the benefit of his new cat babies:

But actually, it was just enough. Zarcilla shared that he’d been experience a lot of emotional turmoil, and had been having difficulty coping. Having these creatures to enjoy and care for was exactly what he needed:

Things began to get a little dramatic, but that’s okay. Who wouldn’t be dramatic about suddenly becoming a father?

Zarcilla disappeared for a little while to commune with the beasts and grapple with his emotions:

People were completely taken in by the story, and are still following it with baited breath. There are some issues.

A lot of people pointed out that the mama cat may not belong to Zarcilla, but she could belong to someone who is looking for her. Many suggested he take her to get scanned to see if she has a chip. He wrote in other tweets that he called a veterinarian who said she shouldn’t be separated form her babies yet, and they’d need to wait to bring her in. No one had a portable scanner. Basically, Zarcilla is realizing he may not be able to keep his bounty… but he might make a run for it with his kittens.

Becoming a cat dad changes things. We’ll have to watch and see what he decides to do, but hopefully he gets to be the father to at least one of these sweet babies.

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