Social media tends to get a lot of flack from, well, anyone who isn’t a millennial or part of the Generation Z. It gets slated for replacing more traditional forms of communication with less intimate, virtual forms of communication.

And yes, it may have, ironically, made us a little less sociable, but what it has done is give ordinary people endless opportunities to showcase their talents, their humor and more often than not their bodies.

Social media platforms such as Instagram have really paved the way for a whole new generation of trendsetters and inventive crazes.

And that’s because the primary focus of these sites is on sharing photos in order to gain as much recognition and praise for them as possible.

Instagram, especially, has really inspired ordinary people to push the envelope and display their assets in all their glory.

Learn these hacks to help you get insta-famous, below:

One of the hottest, most experimental Instagram trends of 2017, for instance, was the “glitter boob”. It involved women (mostly festivalgoers) covering their boobs in colorful glitter and/or stick-on gems.