Last Saturday, one of the most momentous occasions of the year took place in Windsor Castle’s St. George’s Chapel. Yes, the wedding of former eligible bachelor Prince Harry and former Suits actress Meghan Markle finally happened and it was as spectacular as we could all hope for.

Incredibly, more than two billion viewers tuned in from around the world and watched in eager anticipation as the loved-up pair got hitched after announcing their engagement back in November 2017.

Watch the highlights of the special day below:

In the aftermath of the beautiful ceremony, it was being dubbed the most “modern” royal wedding in history.

From the soulful and passionate black preacher to the gospel choir who closed with ‘This Little Light of Mine’, the ceremony was the perfect mix of traditional and revolutionary.

Of course, the Duchess of Sussex is now the first woman of color to enter into the Royal Family and the first to (partially) walk herself down the aisle to her groom.

It really felt like the Royal Family, with all their perhaps outdated traditions, was finally about to join the 21st century.