A nightmare situation for the majority of people is being kidnapped and held against your will. Young girls, in particular, are vulnerable to it, lacking the physical strength required to overpower their captors, who are usually male and considerably older than them.

So when 15-year-old Jasmine Block disappeared from her mobile home in Minnesota in August 2017, things were not looking good. By the time she’d been missing for a month, hope was fading for the teen as she had mysteriously disappeared without her cellphone.

But that all changed when a farmer saw her running through his field. Check out the video below to discover how Jasmine escaped her captors:

The farmer stumbled across Jasmine by sheer chance after he realized that he’d forgotten something at work. It was on his return that he saw what he initially thought was a deer, but it wasn’t. It was the 15-year-old, and she’d just made a daring escape from her three captors.

Horrifyingly, Jasmine’s ordeal began when a family acquaintance lured her away from her home by asking for help. She was subsequently kidnapped and repeatedly assaulted by 32-year-old Thomas Barker; Steven Powers, 20, and Joshua Holby, 31.

It was on Jasmine’s 29th day in captivity that everything changed when she was left alone for the first time. Knowing that she had an opportunity to escape, an opportunity which might not come again, the brave 15-year-old did the unthinkable in an attempt to save her life.

Prior to her disappearance, Jasmine had spent the day boating with neighbors but returned to her mobile home because of a migraine. She was then approached by the family acquaintance and her ordeal began, with her mother reporting her missing when she returned that night.

What Jasmine did to escape is nothing short of remarkable, and once you’ve watched the video above to discover exactly how she did it, you’ll realize that when people are put into life or death situations, they can find the strength to do the unthinkable in order to survive.