One of the downsides of belonging to a famous family is that your actions are under constant scrutiny. Despite the fact the general public have no idea about what goes on within famous families, thanks to the media, they think that they do. This comes with the belief that they have a right to criticise .

Case in point, Paris Jackson came under fire for not attending the Billboard Music Awards where her aunt Janet received the prestigious Icon Award. Fans took this as a sign that she was not loyal to her aunt, even though she praised her receipt of the award on social media.

To see how Janet used her acceptance speech to promote women’s rights, check out the video below:

According to Vibe, Katherine, sibling Rebbie, and nephew Prince attended the awards, and therefore Paris’ absence was all the more notable.

To praise Janet, Paris shared her cousin Austin Brown’s Instagram post about the award, writing, “Ditto”.

However, because of the significance of the award and the comparatively small acknowledgment from Paris, it led to a barrage of criticism on social media. The 20-year-old was not willing to take this lightly though and hit back with a lengthy Instagram post about her family.