Until today, I thought that no one could rival my ex-boyfriend when it came to growing into a self-entitled manchild.

At the age of almost 26, he has refused to ever get a job and hasn’t left the spare bedroom in his mother’s house for years. So low has he now sunk that his days consist of watching daytime TV, playing video games, and judging other people for their life choices while refusing to acknowledge any kind of judgment for his.

Now, much to my surprise, my high school boyfriend has a rival. Namely, 30-year-old Michael Rotondo from New York, who was recently evicted from his parents’ home after claiming that he was “too busy” to get a job – or, y’know, have the common decency to do any household chores.

To see him argue his very weak case for living off his parents’ indefinitely, check out the video below:

During the court hearing on Tuesday, which lasted for around 30 minutes, New York State Supreme Court Judge Donald Greenwood sided with Rotondo’s parents and told the father-of-one that the time had finally come for him (and presumably his PlayStation) to fly the nest.

For months, Michael’s had parents been trying and failing to encourage him to leave their home, which he had been living in rent-free, and get a job.

In court, the 30-year-old argued that his parents’ behavior was unreasonable (yes, you read that right) and that he was legally entitled to have six months notice before he could be forced to vacate their property. However, the judge branded his request “outrageous”.

In response to the judge’s reaction, Michael said that the fact that he was being evicted in the first place was “outrageous”.

Hmm, well, you have to wonder what a man of his age is doing with his life when he claims to be “too busy” to live as an adult. Perhaps he’s trying to becoming King of Magic: The Gathering.