The summer is now well and truly upon us. In days gone by, that might have meant spending your summer nights watching the 1978 classic Grease, but not anymore. Oh no. The viewing event of the summer for any self-respecting millennial is ITV’s Love Island.

On the off chance that you’re unfamiliar with the format of the show, let me explain. Basically, a bunch of hot singletons are thrown together in a villa. They are then coupled up, and their antics – sexual and otherwise – are played out for the British public’s viewing pleasure.

Forgotten what the villa old looks like? Watch this video and refresh your memory:

Needless to say, there is a lot of drama, and the show becomes a talking point in offices and on social media throughout the country. Having been off our screens for almost a whole year, people are now eagerly anticipating the first time a 2018 islander says “I’ve got a text!”

The show is set to return to our screens on June 4 and work is currently underway on the villa to make it “everyone’s type on paper.”

The soon-to-be most romped in property of the summer is located in Sant Llorenç des Cardassar on the East of Mallorca.

If you’ve not seen the show before, the villa itself has a pool, veranda and an outdoor kitchen and a hottub.

However, it’s currently undergoing a makeover so that it’s more luxurious than it’s ever been before.