We all want to do something special in life, and if you’ve not already achieved anything remarkable, your retirement is the perfect opportunity to do so. While a lot of people opt to become charity volunteers or write their memoirs, one man has chosen to become a sperm donor.

Yes, 62-year-old Clive, a retired teacher, decided to spend his twilight years becoming a very prolific father and has 65 children to his name. What’s more is that he does his business (if you can call it that) out of the back of his white van and is aiming to hit 100 kids before he’s done.

To learn about the world’s most prolific sperm donor, check out the video below: 

In a new documentary called Super Sperm Donors, Clive is followed around the United Kingdom by a TV crew.

The married father-of-three refuses to accept any kind of payment for his services and is simply happy to help people out.

In fact, he will willingly drive from his family home in Burton, Staffs, to wherever the recipient lives.

On arrival, Clive will park his van (which I’m dubbing the Sperm Machine) across the street, go into the back and spank the monkey before taking the “donation” to the woman’s house. He puts it into a syringe so that the woman can inject it into her vagina.

Oh, and to prevent it from getting cold, the 62-year-old holds the syringe under his arm. Lovely.