If you were anything like me as a child, you would have been petrified of going to the dentist.

Sitting back in that wipeable chair, with a bright light pointed at your face, whilst a stranger in a mask sticks his fingers in your mouth… I couldn’t possibly understand how anybody couldn’t be terrified! In fact, on one occasion I actually bit my dentist and drew blood! (He then slapped me in braces – I still think that was just revenge for biting him.)

An adorable young girl has recruited her pet cockatoo to help pull out her loose tooth and the cuteness is so off the charts, the video needs to be seen to be believed.

Within seconds, the small, white bird has located, wiggled, and pulled out the tooth, to which the little girl grins in amazement and shouts “Good job, Nell!” to he beloved pet, praising him for a task well done. She gives him a little hug and the bird looks rather pleased with himself, as well!

The girl then takes the tooth out of the bird’s beak and proudly shows it to the camera for all to see.

The moment is just adorable and you can watch the entire video below:

Everyone knows a child needs a pet, but usually, parents consider a golden retriever or perhaps a kitten. Now, I’m thinking cockatoos are going to be the next go-to animal. They are just so incredibly smart – and can perform minor dental surgery, apparently.

I bet that little girl is going to have quite the story to tell at school on Monday. When people ask how she pulled her tooth out, it won’t be the same old story of a string tied to a door or it accidentally falling out while biting into an apple.

Nope! She’ll impress her friends why saying her pet cockatoo pulled it out. How many kids can say they’ve had that happen?

Good job, Nell, indeed!