For anyone who has yet to marry, the bar has now well and truly been set by the fairytale nuptials of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Two years after being set up on a blind date by friends, they married with all the splendor and wonder of a Disney prince and princess.

Not only that, but their big day has been celebrated around the world for breaking with Royal tradition in a number of ways. From the wedding cake to the multicultural ceremony, Meghan and Harry proved to the world that they were going to play by their own rules.

To see what gift the Queen got for the newlyweds, check out the video below:

As two people who were both wealthy and successful in their own rights, the happy couple asked for donations to charity instead of wedding presents. However, that didn’t stop a select few from bestowing the Duke and Duchess of Sussex with some truly bizarre gifts.

One of the notable presents came from Taronga Zoo, near Sydney, which decided to name two of its koalas after Meghan and Harry.

But this wasn’t the only present which the newlyweds received from the land down under.