There are some faces that we never forget in life. Whether it’s our childhood sweetheart, grandparents, or, as is the case for Meghan Markle, her drama teacher. After finding fame on Suits, 77-year-old Gigi Perreau must have begun to watch her former student’s career closely. However, never in her wildest dreams would she have imagined being a part of a 100,000-strong crowd watching Meghan marry a prince.

Despite having not seen her former student in years, Perreau went to Meghan’s wedding to show her support, having been invited along as a guest contributor for the ITV network’s coverage of the fourth-most-viewed Royal wedding in history. While waiting for the Royal carriage to pass down The Long Walk (a 2.6-mile pathway that runs to Windsor Castle), she was asked if she thought Meghan would recognize her.

To see the heartwarming moment Meghan spotted Perreau in the crowd, check out the video below:

Moments later, this question was answered when the carriage carrying the newlyweds passed, and Meghan immediately recognized her old teacher. Clearly overwhelmed that she had not been forgotten after so many years, Perreau said “Oh my God!”.

The heartwarming moment was captured on camera by Alex Beresford, a TV personality and weatherperson.

As the footage above shows, it was not just Perreau who was delighted to have been recognized, those around her clearly knew that she was Meghan’s former teacher and they too were delighted that she recognized the 77-year-old on her big day.

While there is no doubt that the wedding was a memorable event for countless people around the world, especially as it broke with tradition in so many ways, we are sure that it will forever hold special significance in Perreau’s heart after this heartwarming moment.