Kylie Jenner hasn’t made many public appearances since giving birth to her adorable baby daughter, Stormi. However, in the few glimpses we’ve got of her, she looks incredible!

She certainly hasn’t been shy about showing off her new post-baby body on her Instagram account, and there’s no doubt her figure has quickly shrunk down to an enviable size. But whilst this may be realistically unachievable for every other everyday mom out there, young Kylie Jenner has no qualms showcasing her success.

Take the image above as an example, which Kylie posted on May 2. There’s no doubt she looks incredible for a young mom.

So, what’s her secret? How did she lose all that baby weight so quickly? Well, we found out:

1. She eats clean, just like her sister.

It’s great having a sister who can give you tips on what to do post-pregnancy! Apparently, Kim has been instructing Kylie on all sorts of things now that they are both mothers, including dropping the baby weight.

Check out Kylie’s first flaunting of her post-baby body in the hot video below:

According to The Independent, Kim has put Kylie on a strict 1500 calories a day diet and advised against eating any carbs or sugar. That could be hard considering Kylie was once a self-proclaimed fast-food junkie!

2. She uses detox teas.

Kylie has posted a photo of herself holding detox teas and according to a source, she is using them alongside her strict diet to lose weight. However, these teas are controversial and many health experts claim that they can’t help you lose weight at all.

Some of these teas cause a laxative or diuretic effect, but that will just make a person lose water weight temporarily and not actually burn any fat.

3. She weight trains.

Rumor has it that Kylie hits the gym for up to three hours, five times a week! That’s some serious commitment and certainly goes against her sister Khloe’s accusations that Kylie doesn’t put much effort into her body.

However, it’s not all cardio that Kylie’s been doing. She loves her resistance training, too, and regularly performs squats and push-ups to get her body back in shape.

But I can’t see many new moms being able to spend 15 hours a week at the gym.

4. She restricts calories.

While Kim may advise Kylie to eat 1500 calories a day, sources say Kylie may actually only be eating around 1000 calories each day. Sometimes she even skips supper in favor of a small bowl of soup in the early evening.

Eating such a small amount of food combined with no sugar or carbs – plus the heavy workouts – are sure to drop the pounds quick, but aren’t sustainable in the long run. Kylie could place her body into starvation mode and stop losing weight altogether, or just simply burn out from lack of fuel.

But just how thin does she want to be? Check out number five to discover her goal weight…