The hugely momentous occasion that was the royal wedding of former eligible bachelor, Prince Harry, and former Suits actress, Meghan Markle, was absolutely stunning from beginning to end.

The more than two billion viewers who tuned in from around the world watched in eager anticipation as the loved-up pair finally got hitched.

Here are the highlights from the special day:

As to be expected, the day spawned a whole host of memes and Tweets gushing over the highly-anticipated wedding and also making light of it in the way only social media users can.

They poked fun out of the adorable excitement of one of the two pageboys who helped carry the veil down the aisle.

We also caught sight of one of the groom’s exes, Chelsy Davy, and her supposedly sour face.

Unsurprisingly the jokes kept rolling in.

“It could have been me,” was a definite favorite.

There were plenty of speculations as to what Chelsy might think about the cameras panning to her precisely at this moment.

Jokes aside, we all had a lot of empathy for her.

However, as everyone took their seats in the beautiful and traditional venue of Windsor Castle, people became far more concerned about a different member of the wedding party.