A black, male adult movie star is suing DF Productions, his former employer, over allegations that he was called the n-word during filming twice by a white female costar without his consent.

Maurice McKnight, who goes by the onscreen name of Moe the Monster, filed the lawsuit against DF Productions and his former supervisor, James Camp, in Los Angeles on Thursday after discovering that the video, which he did not consent to, appeared online.

Allegedly, on July 12 of last year, McKnight claims Camp asked him on two different occasions whether or not it would be acceptable for him to be called the n-word during filming by his white costar. Both times, McKnight says he refused and that he did not like the use of the word at all.

Camp pressed further, stating that fans would enjoy hearing the word during his performance, but McKnight would not consent. “I told him, ‘No, I don’t like the word,'” McKnight said of his conversation with Camp.