As a sports fan, one of the most exhilarating things you can do is go to a live game your team is playing at.

It’s one of the few times where rowdy behavior is sort of acceptable and kind of, well, expected.

Plus, it’s a day filled with drinking, solidarity with fellow fans, and plenty of enthusiasm.

So if on the off chance you were to catch yourself on the big screen at say, a football game, you’d probably wouldn’t be able to contain your excitement.

You’d most likely welcome the attention, or if you happened to be more of the shy, retiring type, you’d try to keep it as lowkey as possible without drawing even more attention to yourself.

But 23-year-old when Kaleigh Lambert was caught on camera at the Sugar Bowl, she reacted to the situation in a pretty bizarre way:

In fact, the short clip drove people into a sort of frenzy of speculation as to why she appeared to be hiding a deep, dark secret.

What really fuelled the speculation was DJ Sourmilk’s decision to post the clip online, titling it “When you’re at the game with your side dude and realize you’re on TV”.

So what exactly happened?

Well, when Alabama scored during the fourth quarter of the 2015 Sugar Bowl Game, Lambert tried to comfort the guy in the seat next to her.

She started running her fingers through his hair and in the meantime, the ESPN cameras decided to focus on her.

In response to this, Lambert acted in a way that caused viewers to suspect that something morally questionable was going on.

The video immediately went viral with people speculating that the woman was at the game with her “side dude”, while her boyfriend could potentially be watching at home.

Some people went on to suggest that Kaleigh had been drinking quite a bit at the game and that her real boyfriend was actually the guy to her left.

Other commenters made very specific speculations, saying she may have just realized that she left the gas on at home, or perhaps she had called in sick just so she could attend the game.

And who was the distraught fan who did not in any way respond to the woman’s attempt to console him?

I guess we’ll just have to wait for everyone involved to appear on The Jerry Springer Show, and see what Lambert has to say for herself!