Have you ever wondered what’s inside everyday objects? Take the iPhone. We might be glued to these devices, but how much do we really know about what makes them work? Not a lot. Thankfully, the YouTube channel What’s Inside? exists solely to answer these questions.

One of the most requested items the channel has been asked to open is the humble Etch A Sketch. A childhood staple since 1960, almost nothing is known about what’s inside them. In fact, to the children (and adults) who pay with them, they are pretty much a form of magic.

To see exactly what’s behind the magic of an Etch A Sketch, check out the video below: 

In the video above, the father and son duo pry open the iconic toy – which became so popular it was also featured in the hit movie Toy Story back in 1995 – and it turns out the inside isn’t filled with witchcraft and wizardry.

(I’m really hoping somebody does a Magic 8 Ball next…)

So what’s behind the magic? Aluminum powder. It’s what coats the screen and, coupled with a metal pointer, it’s enabled people to create masterpieces for almost sixty years – although, admittedly, the majority end up with a bunch of disjointed lines on the screen.

Etch A Sketches work when the metal pointer scrapes the aluminum powder off their screens. They are reusable because there is so much of the substance in them (giving the “What’s Inside?” father and son a lot to clean up), which recoats the screen once shaken.

While this information could be obtained by reading the Etch A Sketch Wikipedia page, let’s face it, watching the toy get opened with a chainsaw is definitely a lot more interesting. It’s also useful info if you’re a safety-conscious parent and want to know how safe they really are for your kids.

Unlike iPhones, they’re pretty much indestructible! On the subject of iPhones, however, you can find out what’s inside them here.