Almost every person on the planet is guilty of checking out a stranger. We’ve all been there. You’re sitting in a bar with your friends enjoying a glass (or three) of vino when – BOOM! – A very attractive stranger walks by, and you inhibitions disappear, your eyes wander and you blatantly check them out.

In situations like these, getting caught is a good thing. After all, if this person is also a few glasses down, it could lead to the feelings being mutual, and an exchange of phone numbers.

But there are some situations where no one wants to get caught checking someone out, as this dad learned the hard way.

To see President Obama getting caught in the act, check out the video below:

Meet Dennis Leavey from Queens, New York. A doting dad who accidentally went viral for this incredibly awkward reason. 

Case in point, this photograph of him checking out a very attractive woman’s chest.

After taking what she initially assumed would be an innocuous selfie and discovered a stranger staring at her breasts, the woman – a model by the name of Dominique Robinson – posted the picture on Twitter where it soon went viral. It was captioned “Wowwwewww” and received almost 50K likes and 8K retweets.