Thanks to apps like Instagram, the world has reassessed the way in which they approach their health. Now, a fit physique is the latest trend.

But obtaining a toned torso and thick thighs isn’t as easy as Instagram influencers make it look. It takes a lot of hard work and determination to transform a body.

With the summer fast approaching and the race for a bikini body firmly set, here are some inspirational examples of how hard work can reap some serious rewards…

1. Going, going, BOOM!

As this girl’s body transforms, so does her butt’s ability to eat her bikini bottoms!

2. A different kind of six-pack

It takes a great deal of commitment to transform your body like this, but swapping the six-pack of beer for a trip to the gym is a good way to start!

3. Fighting fit

She looked gorgeous before, but she is practically glowing now!