There are few events in a teenager’s life more important than prom. But when 15-year-old Korryn Bachner was left severely wounded after a freak accident, her priorities quickly changed.

Just weeks before her prom, Korryn attended a party at her friend’s house. Little did she know that by accepting the invitation, her life would change forever.

In fact, the lives of all those in attendance would never be the same again after boys at the party poured gasoline onto a fire pit which then exploded.

In total, 12 of the teens at the gathering were burned to varying degrees of severity. Tragically, Korryn sustained burns to her face and hands – a living nightmare for every image-conscious teen.

As a result of her injuries, the young cheerleader, from Lombard, Illinois, rejected her invitation to her high school prom.

But rather than allow her to sit out such an occasion, her friends rallied together to ensure that she did experience prom in their own special way.

Learn what her friends did for her in this heartwarming report…

“Having all my friends support, it helps a lot,” explains Korryn. “It takes my mind off things.”

But whilst Korryn may have enjoyed the experience, she was unable to fully forget what had happened to her only a few weeks prior – especially considering that her best friend still remains in hospital in a critical condition.

Korryn is expected to make a full recovery, however, she will require several surgeries to remedy the damage caused by the explosion.

This means that for the following year, the teen will not return to school for her Junior year – yet more heartbreaking news for Korryn.

But, on the positive side, Korryn’s local community has come to her aid. Together they have raised thousands of dollars to help cover the teen’s medical bills, which by now are reaching an astronomical figure.

In just 15 days, 948 people have given more than $77,000 to Korryn’s cause via GoFundMe – a sum that will no doubt ease the teen’s pain.

In the meantime, she wishes for her best friend to make a full recovery too.

We send both girls, and all the victims all of our support in this challenging time.