One of the most respected groups of people in society are those who work in law enforcement. Every day they go to work and put their lives on the line in order to protect their communities. So naturally, you would assume that after seeing so much wrongdoing on a daily basis, that they would be the last people to commit a crime in a public place.

However, shocking footage has now emerged of a Miami cop viciously assaulting his 14-year-old daughter.

The incident took place on March 19 after the 44-year-old was called to his daughter’s school after she had been reportedly disrespectful to one of her teachers.

To see how a staff member looked on and did nothing during the assault, check out the video below: 

The assault was captured on a security camera at Pinecrest Cove Preparatory Academy in Florida.

According to NBC, there were at least two other people present when Miami-Dade police officer Raymond Rosario attacked his daughter, one of whom was allegedly pregnant, and neither of them attempted to intervene in any way during the incident.

In fact, the woman who is featured in the CCTV recording of the incident doesn’t even look shocked.

Rosario was charged with child abuse on March 19 and arrested on April 2. He has since been suspended from his job as an officer. If he is not convicted criminally, there is no legal reason why the 44-year-old cannot return to his job.

The school has subsequently issued a statement saying that one of two women who were present did not intervene because she was pregnant and feared for her unborn baby. They did not comment on the actions of the woman in the clip.

“The school followed procedure in response to the unfortunate incident which occurred in the office,” the statement read.

“The witness reported the incident to administration as soon as the parent left the premises and the school immediately reported it to the Department of Children and Families who contacted law enforcement.”

“The parent, who is a police officer and who often visited the school in uniform, surrendered himself to authorities.”

Anybody who treats a young girl this way – especially his daughter – deserves what’s coming to him.