We live in a world that’s forever changing. As hard as it might be to think now, a day will inevitably come when iPhones look as out-of-date as VHS players. That’s why photographs are so important, because they provide us with a way to reflect on days gone by.

However, as is the case with so many things in life, only selected moments from history make their way into the public domain. There are certain things which humankind as a whole would rather forget and that’s why rare historical pictures are so fascinating.

To see pictures of how women in bikinis were treated in the 1950s, check out the video below:

Whether it’s once acceptable celebrations that would now be a societal no-no, bizarre children’s games that would inspire horror today, or unflattering pictures of famous faces, rare historical photographs show us snippets of life that would otherwise be lost.

So, without further ado, here are 24 rare historical photographs that you won’t see in the majority of history books…

1. A father meets his triplets for the first time, New York, 1946

He probably imagined how much their college tuition was going to cost him.

2. A boy on a demon’s back during a Krampus parade, Austria, 1954.

He looks a lot happier than I would in that situation.

3. A Victorian couple trying and failing to pose together in the 1890s.

Our ancestors aren’t that different from us, after all.

4. The Queen Elizabeth returning US troops to New York after WWII.

This gives a whole new meaning to being packed in like sardines.