Most of us know someone who is a twin. In fact, twins are more common than what you might think, with multiple births occurring in three out of every 100 pregnancies. What’s more is that the increased use of fertility treatments has led to an increase in the number of twins.

It’s no secret that twins share a special bond, after all, they go through all of their major life milestones together. That’s what makes 34-year-old Taylor Muhl’s story so unusual. Throughout her childhood, she suspected that she had a twin, and it was finally confirmed in 2009.

To discover how she ABSORBED her own twin, check out the video below:

The California native made the shocking discovery after watching a documentary about a very rare condition known as Chimerism, which she was subsequently diagnosed with.

Until this point, she had kept in poor health and had an unusual “birthmark” on her stomach.

However, this was no ordinary birthmark, as doctors later discovered that Taylor had a fraternal twin – which she absorbed whilst in the womb!

Taylor also has an unusually proportioned body, with her left side being slightly larger than her right.

“At a very young age, I used to ask my mom if I was a twin,” Taylor said to Barcroft TV. “I used to ask her all the time. Kind of almost obsessively.”

Taylor’s mom Alex said that while twins ran in the family, to her knowledge, Taylor had always been on her own.

“I had a feeling that I did have a sibling,” Taylor said. “If that’s on a subconscious level, I don’t really know. I feel like I have missed my twin. “