We all have musicians who we really adore and find totally and utterly inspirational. And perhaps they inspire us because we have dreams of following in their footsteps and singing in front of passionate crowds.

However, the average person will only be able to admire their idol from afar.

Twelve-year-old Victoria Anthony, on the other hand, was not only about to get up close to her all-time-favorite singer, she got to sing to her.

And how exactly did she manage that? Well, she started an ambitious campaign on social media with the hope of being asked to join Pink on stage.

The young fan created the hashtag #VicAndPink but never could have guessed the amazing opportunity she would be given as a result.

It all started with this tweet: “Hey @Pink, please let me sing on stage with you in #Vancouver May 12. I’ll be ready! – Victoria (age 12) Share this video and tag #vicandpink to make my dream come true.”

Within the tweet, she included a video of her belting out ‘What About Us’:

The campaign gained traction when it was reported by some Canadian news outlets.

The story even caught the attention of Canadian musician Sarah McLachlan who tweeted Pink, writing “Hey @Pink, you have to check out 12yr old @vicanthonymusic. She really wants to sing with you May 12th in #Vancouver. Make her #dreamcometrue. #VicAndPink #BeautifulTraumaWorldTour”.

Now Victoria didn’t get pulled up on stage when the actual concert came around, but she certainly wasn’t ignored by the ‘So What’ singer.

In fact, the three-time Grammy award-winning singer picked the aspiring singer out of the crowd at the Rogers Arena in Vancouver, British Columbia and seemed to recognize her from all the attention she received on social media.

“Are you who I read about on the news?” Pink asked Victoria.

And that’s exactly what Victoria did.

She impressed the thousands of other concertgoers in the stadium with her stunning rendition of ‘Perfect’:

Pink was blown away by the performance, telling the girl, “Wow. I don’t want to sing anymore.”

It just goes to show that you should always be willing to take chances in life – Victoria had no idea whether or not Pink would take her up on her offer, but she gave it a shot anyway.