Once dubbed the “Playboy Prince”, Prince Harry has been famed for his rebellious ways – whether that’s involved dressing up as a Nazi (classic) or being photographed naked in a hot tub.

So, naturally, he was going to choose an unconventional bride when he finally settled down.

That woman eventually came in the form of divorced American actress Meghan Markle, who is a far cry from the virginal bride that Diana was when she married Charles in 1981. In fact, so far removed from Diana is Meghan that – like many actresses out there – she has a string of steamy scenes to her name.

To see the princess-to-be’s raunchiest scenes, check out the video below:

While unconventional by prim and proper Royal standards, we are living in a different world from the one that forced Queen Elizabeth to stop her younger sister Margret from marrying a divorced man in 1953, and it’s more than likely that Markle will still

But before she dons her tiara this Saturday to marry her prince, let’s take a look at nine of her raunchiest on-screen moments!

9. This passionate Suits kiss

Not the raunchiest of scenes on the planet, but it’s definitely something that Kate never had lurking in her closet.

8. When she had a steamy makeout session in the Suits office

Phwar. Is it just me or is it getting hot in here? Markle definitely gave filing cabinets a whole new meaning playing Rachel Zane on Suits.

7. That time she enjoyed a casual romp on the sofa in Suits

Let’s face it, we’ve all been there. Prince Harry and Meghan are certainly going to spice things up around Kensington Palace.