The Kennedy family were undoubtedly one of the most formidable forces in American history. In fact, they commanded so much attention in the 1960s, that they were essentially America’s answer to a monarchy.

Of course, we are all familiar with how their reign came crumbling down.

It started in 1963 with the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, an event which greatly changed the world’s landscape at the time. Five years later, this was followed by the assassination of JFK’s younger brother, Robert F. Kennedy just moments after he delivered a victory speech after winning the Californian Democratic primary in the 1968 presidential election.

A year later, the Chappaquiddick incident saw the youngest, and only remaining Kennedy son, Senator Ted Kennedy lose any hope of following in his brother’s rather bloody footsteps – which may be the only reason that he managed to live until the age of 77, rather than dying prematurely for the sake of politics.

To add insult to injury, JFK’s only son, JFK Jr. also lost his life tragically early when the plane he was piloting crashed off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard in July 1999.

Many had believed that the enigmatic and handsome young Kennedy would go on to become the family’s next political pioneer, so when news of the freak accident hit the headlines, many believed it to be the end of the Kennedy Democratic dynasty.