As a result of the many Facebook scandals to hit the headlines in recent times, the social media giant has become a little sensitive in what content it allows its users to publish.

Call it damage control, if you will, or maybe celebrate the fact that the friend connecting platform is finally acknowledging that not all content published on its site is safe – just a little too late.

In theory, this sounds like a perfect plan, one which could redeem the billion-dollar corporation’s reputation if executed correctly. But, in practice, it isn’t exactly as idealistic as it sounds.

To highlight Facebook’s censorship flaws, let’s introduce Dominic Ibaos, the Filipino teen who innocently uploaded a stream of snaps of his newborn puppy.

You may be wondering what problem Facebook possibly could have with a puppy?

Mark Zuckerberg may look like an emotionless robot at times, but even he must have a heart – I mean, what sort of creature could have any objections towards a picture of a puppy?

Well, to add some context, it’s probably worth noting that Dominic’s puppy is bald – and, er, slightly phallic in its appearance.