Discovering treasure in an unlikely place is a dream that we all harbor from a young age. Desperate to live out our Captain Jack Sparrow fantasies – minus the risk of scurvy and a peg leg – we thrive off the idea that there are jewels hiding in plain sight waiting to be discovered.

Whether it be digging up your garden in search of stacks of cash or simply just checking the bar floor for a soggy dropped dollar, we are all guilty of treasure hunting.

Like a pig in pursuit of a truffle, us humans seem to have a knack for discovering hidden gold. If you don’t believe me, then the story of Maria Colonna-Emanuel and her husband Matthew will really have you convinced.

For a number of years, the couple, from Staten Island in New York, had remained clueless that there was a small fortune concealed in their garden.

It wasn’t until, by chance, they decided to re-model their lawn that they came to discover the truth about their garden’s worth.

Whilst replacing the trees around the perimeter of their yard, the couple stumbled upon a metal box partially buried under some soil. Concerned that they may disturb a cable box, they called in the professionals.

However, the metal box didn’t contain reams of wires. Instead, it was filled with items much more valuable – priceless, some may say.