Every now and again, the internet conspires against us to interrupt our day and make us feel far more emotional than we were expecting when we rolled out of bed at 7 am with a grumpy expression on our faces.

If you’re yet to experience such an unexpected feeling of emotional assault via the medium of the interwebs, then look no further than the following list. These photos are all guaranteed to give you serious feels, change how you think about the world, and possibly cause you to reassess your life. You have been warned.

1. A nature reserve worker weeps beside a poached rhino

2. A man learns he is the last living veteran of his WWII battle group

3. Billboard for missing 7-year-old Kyron Horman. He was never found

4. A note found tied to a popped balloon

5. A mother listening to her dead son’s heartbeat inside the woman his heart was donated to